Implementing Sex Education in Middle and Elementary School Essay

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Sex Education over the years has provided the necessary information about precautions, along with consequences that means to be sexually active. Moreover, it allows high schools to educate themselves about an aspect of their life that will always be important factor of their love relationship. Every action and decision towards any element in life will inevitably produce a result, and a response. The ignorance of many teens leads them to make stupid decisions that can change their future. I support the idea of implementing sex education at middle and elementary schools. Next step will be to find a strategy to implement it in the classrooms. Birth control methods are simply out of the equation, but today society has created so many tools to…show more content…
Sexuality force emotional and physical changes on an individual; however, those emotions changes are part of the non-spoken parts of our lives. Which truly supports my position, sex education needs implement the psychological effects of sex. Teenagers need to understand that sex involves more than intercourse. Rational and balance individuals must have the ability to speak and know how to deal with the upcoming problems that sexuality will bring to their lives, such as the role that communications skills play in a person’s sexual life. A well-known factor of the controversy that sex education brings to society is that sex is still a taboo topic for many conservatives’ families and abstinence remains as the predominant inclination of religious groups. By denying the right to their kids to discover sexuality, rebellion has constantly been the immediate response of young generalizations. However, Carol Cassel in “Straight from the heart: How to Talk to Your Teen-ager about Love and Sex” says “Parents choose silence because they were never able to discuss sexuality aspects to their own parents”. Which is true, forty years sexuality was meant to be explore at marriage and those who did not follow those standards behaviors were committing a sin. Biases are an essential factor of close mind
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