Implicit Personality Traits Tend To Co-Occur In People

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Implicit personality theory is a concept used to explain a person’s the notions regarding which personality traits tend to co-occur in people. Implicit theories of personality guide people, as social perceivers, to make interpretations of others, (Dunning, 2007). For example, if a perceiver sees a man in a smart suit and presumed that dressing well is linked with success, then it is likely that the perceiver infer that the other person is successful. A person who is understands the concept of implicit personality theory, can be used to direct the views and beliefs of others in the service of personal or social objectives; this is known as impression management (IM) or self-representation. In other words, people can employ specific behavioral strategies to manipulate the impressions that their spectators form, (Dunn & Forrin, 2007; Cole, & Rozell, 2011). Impression management behaviors occur every day in any given status. There are several strategies people use to enhance IM: assertive strategies, and defensive strategies. Assertive strategies take into account the use of dynamic …show more content…

Armstrong was stripped of all his medals in the sport of cycling for cheating for using athletic performance drugs, and committed fraud against the federal government. In October this year, Armstrong let the media know that he is a changed man. He has visited several countries to express public apologies for his past behavior. It is possible that Armstrong's actions are a strategy; he wants to be seen as a person with integrity. However, the US government does not believe his alleged new image. Armstrong recently lied to police officers in Aspen on a vehicular accident. He said his girlfriend was the one who was driving the car when it was actually not true, (Schrotenboer, October, 2015). Armstrong’s message and public apologies across the world can be considered a form of assertive

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