Implicit Versus Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Practices

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Implicit versus Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Practices
Sarah Sherman
Bridgewater State University

This study examines the teaching methods of individuals who provide English instruction to speakers of other languages. Two classrooms of similar makeup will be studied in order to determine whether implicit or explicit vocabulary instruction most benefits English Language Learners. These two classrooms will participate in pretests and posttests to determine the growth of their vocabulary knowledge involving a series of lexical items over the course of the teaching experiment. This research will be compared to the research of other individuals who examined the differences between implicit and explicit vocabulary learning and the implications of these teaching practices.

Methods for Teaching English Vocabulary to Speakers of Other Languages
Teachers utilize their own teaching styles to provide students with the best possible learning experiences. However, vocabulary teaching varies greatly depending on the instructor and his or her teaching style preferences. Vocabulary instruction can usually be taught in two basic forms. It may be taught implicitly, meaning that it is imbedded into the curriculum and not taught in a separate manner. It may also be taught explicitly, meaning that each important vocabulary word is taught in isolation, prior to providing students with the general curriculum information. This research examines common

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