Importance And Depth Of International Relations

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Throughout the course of this class I have begun to realize the importance and depth of international relations and how it plays a key role in our lives today. This class started off by using history to show how international relations work. When I look at international relations from a historical perspective I begin to realize that it tends to follow a very similar pattern. In analyzing the changes and continuity of international relations I believe that international relations has remained the same throughout time. Starting back in history I want to draw attention to the Melian dialogue that we discussed in the very beginning of class. The Melian dialogue is a great example of how international relations from back in history, specifically 416 BC, is very similar to today’s international relations. In the dialogue the Athenians wanted to take over the island of Milos (hence the Melians) though the Melians remained neutral throughout the war the Athenians were fighting. The Melians still wanted to remain neutral but the Athenians thought it would make them look weak in the eyes of other nations. Many of the ideas presented in this text are similar to many current debates today and it reflects on how a nation can have a need for power and what nations will do to achieve that power. Moving toward current international relations we first need to understand that countries are in groups of nation-states or states. In the article “The Rise of the Nation State during the

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