Importance Of Coffee Essay

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Coffee: the average American’s boost of energy in the morning. As a typical American student, I find it difficult to get through the day without my cup of jo. I need the caffeine to jump-start my morning. The only problem I’m facing, is deciding which type of coffee is the best for me. Do I go with a dark roast, light roast, medium roast? The options are endless. Which type is the best for my budget? Which type will give me the caffeine I need? To answer these questions, I set out on a quest to research the best type of coffee for me. History
Coffee has been around for a lot longer than most people believe. The National Coffee Association (NCA) states it has been around since the early fifteenth century. It has always been more of a …show more content…

This roasting process brings out the flavor of the coffee beans. Without it, coffee would taste similar to a plant instead of the drink all Americans know and love. There are four different types of roasts: light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. The National Coffee Association describes the light roast as a pale brown color, a milder taste compared to a dark roast, and, on the surface of the beans themselves, there is no oil present. The medium roast is an medium brown color with a stronger flavor than the light roast. It’s commonly referred to as the “American Roast” because it is preference of most Americans. With a rich, dark color and a bittersweet aftertaste, the medium dark roast is a step up from the medium roast. Its beans, unlike the light roast beans, are slightly oily on the surface. Dark roasts are the strongest out of the four kinds. To create these, roasters use shiny black beans, and roast them until they have an oily surface. The taste of this roast is far stronger than any of the other roasts; this creates a bitter and less acidic taste (National Coffee Institute). Because I love the taste of coffee, but strong coffee is too powerful for me, my best option is to go with a medium roast. Most people in the United States prefer this roast, so I can’t go wrong.
Caffeine Content
Each type of coffee has a different amount of caffeine in it. The content depends on the bean and coffee leaf being

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