Importance Of Cosmetology

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Cosmetology. Also known as the subject of hair & make-up, nails just styling all together. It all started in Mesopotamian civilization and at first only the rich and elite could afford make-up. Hieroglyphics from Egypt suggest that men wore eyeshadow as well which is very different from today because men in today’s society wouldn’t even attempt. In Greece women in Sparta were forbidden from wearing make-up. Yet the customs of baths, spas, manicures and hairdressing originated in Greece. Cosmetology in the Far East however had pale skin and beautiful white teeth. They started to use rouge to darken their lips to red. They also used it to create images like flowers on their lips as well but then the style changed to black make up on their lips. The women would have long silky hair that fell past their waist and would spend hours on caring for their hair. Women here in America had several cultures for cosmetology. At first during the middle ages women were discouraged to wear make-up. During the renaissance is when the noble women began to wear make-up. Queen Elizabeth famously died with over a quarter inch of makeup on her face. Today cosmetology is important to today’s society more than ever. Women use makeup to enhance their beauty and hide the flaws that you can see. Education is something needed and necessary for this job. Cosmetology student need a GED (general education diploma) or a high school diploma. It’s one of the minimal requirements to enroll in a
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