Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Pakistan

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Cultural Awareness in Pakistan Pakistan is an incredibly important nation when it relates to the United States and foreign policy. With just shy of two hundred million people, it is the sixth most populous nation on Earth and also has significant influence on southern Asian and middle eastern politics (Worldometers). In the coming paragraphs, many important factors of Pakistan such as geography, language, religion, and political make-up will be analyzed and discussed in how it relates to the United States and the military. To begin, we will examine the geography of the nation of Pakistan. Pakistan has a rather complicated geography and many different climates. Dominating the northern borders of the nation are the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain range. The very northern edge of the nation is comprised of the contested region of Kashmir, which is not formally recognized as a territory of Pakistan but is under their influence (ThoughtCo). Pakistan’s western reaches, which border the nations of Iran and Afghanistan is a sparsely populated region of hot desert and sporadic foothills and mountain ranges. Temperatures in this region can reach in excess of one hundred and twenty degrees fahrenheit, making it one of the hottest areas in southern Asia (AccuWeather). The bulk of the population of the nation of Pakistan resides in the northern region of the Indus River Valley and to the south in the Indus River Delta. Here is one of the few regions in Pakistan where

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