Importance Of Cultural Differences Between Business

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The Importance of Cultural Differences When operating internationally a company will face many challenges. One of the main challenges they face is the cultural differences among different nations. Even domestic businesses, with such a diverse workforce, have to deal with cultural differences. So what are the principal areas of cultural differences? Not just language, but values, dress, manners, views, and other factors are all principal area of cultural differences in business, and can manifest at all levels of business. In this paper I will go over the importance of understanding these principal areas. The first, most obvious area of cultural differences in business would have to be the language barrier. While English is the most commonly used language in the business world, other languages like Mandarin Chinese, French, Arabic, and Spanish are all commonly spoken amongst countries in global business. Even when the same language is spoken, there can be differences. In places like America most people are more blunt and to the point when talking about business, but in places like Japan they are usually more polite and emotional. Americans may appear to some foreigners as rude and only caring about business, and the American businessperson will see them as if they are stalling and not as serious about the business relationship. Cultural context is important for communication in international business. There are high and low context cultures and they both transfer

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