Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Nursing

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This paper will be discussing the importance of understanding Cultural diversity in nursing. It will be focusing on understanding the knowledge of cultural diversity and why it’s important. I will also discuss the different attitude that nurses are expose to from different culture. As reference I will be using the “Journal continuing Education in Nursing”; (L. Price, July 1994). According to L. Price cultural diversity challenges health care providers to facilitate bridging cross-cultural gaps with clients. He believes that it is through culturally relevant care that nurses can serve the needs of all clients in our diverse society. Mr. Price also stated that nurses can use the following steps to have a better connection with patients that have a different background from them. The four steps include the following; (1) health care providers should assess their own cultural beliefs and be aware of general ethnic, regional, and religious beliefs and practices in their area; (2) develop a teaching plan; (3) implement the plan. Those are the three topics that I will be discussing in the following pages.

As a student nurse I strongly believe that it is very crucial for me and my peers to understand culture and its function in human behavior and society. Specially in Florida where it’s a melting pot, you get in contact with individuals from different national background and ethnicities on a daily base. Nurses should have knowledge base of their patients’
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