Importance Of Deontological Ethics In The Movie Robot

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Kant, a central figure in the world of philosophy and ethics, “argued that morality must ultimately be grounded in the concept of duty, or obligations that humans have to one another, and never in the consequences of human actions” (Tavani, 47). This argument from Kant serves as the foundation for deontological ethics, which believes that morality comes in the form of duties; that humans have the moral duty to do right things and the moral duty to not do bad things. Looking at Frank & Robot, with the imagined-knowledge that perhaps Robot has deontological ethics ingrained in its programming, is important because it shows some of the issues that would appear if we use deontological ethics as the base our future robots’ ethical reasoning.…show more content…
Instead of behaving a certain way due to duty, virtue-based ethics gives people (or robots) the tools and knowledge that allow and show them how to live a virtuous life, which they are expected to live. Virtue-based ethics shines light on the importance of value-alignment in regards to artificially intelligent machines and the potential dangers that can arise if the wrong values are instilled within future robots.

One of the most interesting aspects of Robot is the fact that it seems to live in a completely different ethical world, which is why Robot and Frank get along so well. Like Frank, Robot does not prescribe to any set social rules or ethical values as it truly devotes all of its time and energy into its goal of bettering Frank. Robot simply makes choices based off of which decisions align with its morals (bettering Frank) even if it hurts other humans along the way. This is a major obstacle that is going to become more prevalent as the subject of which artificial moral agents will be implemented within robotic machines leaves science-fiction and transfers into reality.

Humans, in regards to virtue-based ethics, predominantly focus their attention on their own (and others’)
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