Importance Of Domestic Commitment

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Seungmin Bang (A98407092)
POLI 142 K
Professor Magana
September 6, 2017
Sometimes, war is inevitable, and nations are forced to fight due to various reasons. This requires countries to have a strong military which can withstand the forces of other nations. This is measured mostly in times whereby a nation needs to defend itself from external attacks. Military personnel and equipment play a significant role in measuring the strength of a nation. Also, another important parameter is the economy of a country which determines the ability of the government to channel more funds or resources to the military. These funds are used to pay wages of the armed forces and purchase sophisticated weapons among others. However, domestic commitment is very crucial during the times of war. This refers to the general willingness of state’s elite population to settle the costs of war (Lecture Note 5). If the citizens of a country are behind their military and are ready to finance its operations during the times of war, then the military feel motivated to defend their country. Also, it ensures that there are enough resources to be used in war. The costs of war include direct costs, damages, duration, and the necessity of preparation for war. Direct costs consist of conscription, debt, and taxation. This means that there is a relationship between domestic commitment and conscription. Therefore, this paper will seek to discuss the significance of domestic commitment in explaining the

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