America 's Military Presence Is Necessary Overseas

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The protection of citizens’ lives, foreign or domestic, is a critical necessity. As a result, the military is the most important organization in a country. In America, for instance, $598 billion is spent each year on the military (“Federal”). Because this is such an expensive, important, and dangerous topic, it is often debated. One of the most common arguments is whether or not America’s military presence is necessary overseas. Due to its foreign benefits, positive domestic effects, and overall creation of World Peace, the negative side of the argument is outweighed. America’s military presence in foreign countries is necessary. First of all, any war that could occur would most likely be kept in foreign nations. On September 11, 2001,…show more content…
If a hostile action did take place, it will also contain most acts of terrorism, violence, and even wars in the foreign countries that are responsible for them. As a result, the citizens of America would be able to live carefree lives. In addition to foreign affairs, a domestic military presence can be used to support a foreign military presence. Many natural disasters occur each year in the United States, and it is important to help those in need. One of the worst natural disasters in America’s history was Hurricane Katrina. “By the time Katrina made landfall on August 29, 2005, America’s military was mobilizing for emergency response” (Berthelot). The most important benefit of this is the fact that soldiers save many lives from floodwaters, earthquake-shaken regions, and even areas scorched by wildfires. The military has equipment that regular citizens do not, and this is demonstrated by the lowered casualty statistics. In addition, the military often helps to rebuild structures and get the region back on its feet. As a result, individuals are able to continue to enjoy their lives. The same effects of a domestic presence would occur as a result of a foreign presence. Foreign citizens would be able to continue their lives even after disasters. America’s military also helps with domestic hostile occurrences. Recently, Ferguson consistently experienced riots and violence due to the shooting of an African American. The
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