Importance Of Graphic Design

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The career that I am researching is graphic design. A graphic designer helps to make an organization recognizable by using a variety of mediums to communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and promotions. Some examples of things that graphic designers create/do are; colours, fonts, animations, photography, print designs, logos, images, pictures, and billboards. They use a variety of design elements to help an advertisement, brochure, magazine, or corporate report be artistically appealing and stand out. They also collaborate closely with other graphic designers, writers, programmers, artists, or other creative people in order for their projects to be as appealing as possible. Graphic design is important to society because it gives organizations and companies a face. It allows the consumer to have feelings about a product just by looking at it. The importance of graphic design is only increasing because with the growing reach of technology, it is extremely important for a company to be noticed. A typical day working as a graphic designer involves meetings, creating your project, revising your project, and presentations. Graphic design is not a physically strenuous job and is a job that people of all body types can do.

Many personal traits are required for a person to be a successful graphic designer. Some of these traits are; artistic skills, creativity, strong verbal, visual, and written communication skills, ability to work independently and

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