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College or No College In graphic design there are two worlds, self-taught and degree holders and with this comes the debate, is getting a college degree a must or is being self-taught just as acceptable. This debate is as hot as the sun is and there is no slowing it down. Being a graphic designer does not just involve using a computer and creating some neat looking graphics, it goes much deeper and gets complicated during some points. Both have upsides and advantages, however, there are several key advantages to getting a degree versus to being self-taught. Having a degree is important to a graphic designer because they learn industry techniques, software, and foundations that will give them an edge to getting a higher paying job. The computer revolution has changed a lot of how graphic design is conducted and with that came the do-it-yourself graphic designers. “Low-cost computers and software have radically challenged the working procedure of designers.” Thornton (1996). Sitting at home working on a computer receiving a paycheck is a dream that many have and would love to do, however, this is not the case for a lot of people. Most high school students get to choose from a large array of classes that teach them the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite or other software that they can manipulate images or illustrate pictures. Some get the idea that because they read some information on websites and learn some terminology that they have what it takes to get into the

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