Importance Of Hard Work

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Having a good work ethic is needed in our day to day culture. Work ethic is important. Donna Devlin, Staff Coordinator for Boston University Center for Career Development explains how being punctual is vital. Your co-workers rely on you to show up for work on time, and can impact others if you are not their. Give your supervisor plenty of notice if there's a change in your schedule (Devlin 1). Also, you must value the importance of hard work. Dr. Michael J. Miller, Chief officer of Ziff Brothers Investment and editor- in-chief of PC magazine and Info world indicate that work ethic is declining both in America as well as other industrialized nations. Concern has been expressed that the decline in work ethic corresponds to lower levels of job performance, higher levels of absenteeism and turnover, and increases in counterproductive behavior ranging from unauthorized to employee theft (Miller 2). Others have argued that work ethic is not in decline, but is different among generations. You need to have professional behavior. If you are working in a public area, be aware of those around you. Be courteous and friendly to all visitors, and put your personal phone away while at work. Frequent phone calls can take time away while at work, and can make you seem unprofessional. Also, follow the dress code. Be sure to know your organization’s dress code and act accordingly (Devlin 1). A good work ethic is needed. You need to use professional behavior. It is good to be flexible and
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