Importance Of Inspectors In An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls is a play written by John Priestly in 1945, about a wealthy family, the Birling’s, who is questioned by a mysterious inspector about the suicide of a young woman, Eva Smith. In the play, Mrs Birling is most to blame for Eva’s suicide, in fact, in the play Eric, her son, blames her for Eva’s death, saying ““Then- you killed her. She came to you to protect me- and you turned her away-yes, and you killed her-and the child she’d have had too- my child- your own grandchild- you killed them both- damn you, damn you-”. Three major reasons why Mrs Birling is most to blame are that she refused to help Eva when she was her last hope, she showed no remorse or blame for her actions, and she blamed others for Eva’s death.

The first reason that Mrs Birling is most to blame is that she refused to help Eva Smith when Eva came to her for help. As a major member of a charity group designed to help poor woman who needed help, Mrs Birling used her influence to refuse to help Eva when she came for help. In an Inspector Calls, Mrs Birling says “I wasn’t satisfied with the girl’s claim…so I used my influence to have it refused. And in spite of what’s happened to the girl since, I consider I did my duty” (An Inspector Calls, pg. 44). Mrs Birling refused to help Eva because she was prejudiced against her after Eva called herself Mrs Birling. Furthermore, Mrs Birling used her influence on the charity board to make them refuse Eva help, and she refused to help her even though she
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