Importance Of Love In My Life

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I had always loved nature. I always played outside and ran around in the morning to cool off in the morning dew. It never failed to refresh me off on humid days. As a kid, I always found the best flowers that were the most beautiful and alive. My mom loved them. Not just, oh cause my kid gave me some dead dandelions, I’ll put them on display. She truly fell in love with them. Now, eighth grade is just a blur. As soon as my schedule started to begin, I lose more and more time outside. Those sunny afternoons when I’d roll down the steep hill in our backyard. Getting fresh mowed grass stuck in the massive brown mop on my head. Now, I just have homework all night. Like all night. I can only watch the neighbor kids from the window. Only wishing I could tell them what was coming. But I couldn't, I just sat there listening to the birds chirping. I'd never be able to smell the grape vines fresh in the spring. Only in the woods did I feel at home. Or catch the golden leaves as they fell from the trees in fall. It was like the world was ending, but at the same time, not ending. So in my opinion, I had to suffer. “Samantha Rose Jenkan!” My mom hollered contempt. I perked up immediately like a deer reacting to gun fire. “Get down here right now! Stop moaning like a dying animal! You’re in big trouble!” Man, she liked to decry. My immediate reaction was to sit there stunned. I looked down at incomplete homework due tomorrow. I winced, looking at all the doodles I made everywhere except
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