Importance Of Mathematics And Language Arts

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In the real world, the daily interactions and experiences in which we use language, writing, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies do not occur in isolation. Rather, we draw upon our knowledge and understanding in each area as we explore, investigate, and learn each day: "Just as scientists use mathematics and language arts as tools, children should have opportunities to apply and enhance their mathematics, reading, and writing skills while investigating the natural world" (Bass, Contant, and Carin, 2009, p.231). In the classroom, the primary focus is the learning of each student. The teacher follows the required benchmarks designated by the school district as they apply directly to their grade level of instruction. To help keep the students and the teacher on the right track and at the right pace, each educator must write lesson plans as a guide toward discovery. This final lecture will take a backward look at the various topics discussed over the past 7 weeks. Using the ideas and concepts that have been presented will result in integrated lesson plans that will excite the learner and create an enthusiastic classroom learning environment.
"Once students (and scientists) have formed questions that can be investigated scientifically, they collect data, decide on ways to record and report the data, and interpret the data using logical reasoning and prior scientific knowledge. In investigating the natural world, children use simple tools such as thermometers, meter

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