My Career At Western Carolina University Essay

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Beginning my career at Western Carolina University, I had no idea the impact writing has on future educators. It is extremely important to have an effective writing strategy in all aspects of teaching. You will be required to write lesson plans, referrals, and letters home to the parents. Each of these have different strategies, and all of these are used simultaneously throughout the school year. Throughout the essay I will explain how to do each of these writings, and also give step by step instructions on an effective way to make sure it is done correctly. The main thing teachers write is lesson plans. Lesson plans are not only to help you within your classroom, but also approved by the principal of that school to see how the classroom management will be. They are broken down in time frames. Since most public schools go from approximately 9am to around 3pm, you break down what you will do throughout the day. Most may assume this is a simple task, you just write down what you will teach and you are finished. It is way more complex than this. You have to explain the learning outcomes, materials needed, activities that will be done, explain the modifications, the websites you used, the time it will take, and most importantly the common core standards. The learning outcomes are important. There has to be a reason on why something is being taught, and how it will be useful to the students future. Throughout the paper, I’m going to give you an example of a lesson plan I

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