Importance Of Natural Resources

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Natural Resources
Introduction to Natural Resource Management

Without the usage of certain resources, humankind would not be able to flourish and would eventually die off. Some examples of resources that are vital to the survival of humans, animals and vegetation are: Water: Water is an incredibly important and precious perpetual resource. Without water consumption, all living things such as humans, animals, and plants would cease to exist because water is essential to survival. Water is crucial to our livelihoods and should be protected and maintained to ensure quality for today and for the future. Clean air: The effects polluted air has on the environment and all living things can be detrimental over a long period of time, or even a short period of time, depending on the severity. air is a renewable resource, and every living thing has to breathe clean air to ensure a healthy wellbeing, because air enables life in all forms. Polluting the air by releasing unsafe chemicals into the atmosphere can threaten the existence of life and can alter the climate negatively. We must do whatever we can in everyday life (e.g. Driving electric cars, planting trees, use public transportation, etc...) to minimize these effects. Clean air is a right and a necessity. Sun: The sun sustains all life on earth. It enables plants to grow, provides light, heats the earth, and can also provide electricity through solar panels. Without sun, our vegetation would not be able to grow,
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