Importance Of Privacy

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Privacy as a Fundamental Right
Privacy is one of the most important rights that citizens should have at all. Citizens must have the right to be free and thus decide with whom, where, when, and how to share their information if they want to. Since privacy forms part of the constitutional rights, it is firmly clear that citizen’s identity or personal information matters, and people do not have to explain or justify themselves (Douglas). Fortunately, privacy right has been a more active topic, and as a result of this, now it is recognized in countries where before it was not. Also, it is critical that citizens protect their privacy because personal data can be used in many ways to take control over people who have lost it.
Privacy is a fundamental right. Tim Sharp states that the right to privacy is the right to personal autonomy. An example is that in the Constitution of the United States, amendments have been used for the determination of a right to personal autonomy. For instance, the first amendment protects the privacy of beliefs, regardless of faith, is respected and citizens cannot be forced to change their minds (Doherty). The third amendment protects the privacy of the home against the use of it for protecting soldiers. And also, the fourth amendment protects against unreasonable searches (Sharp). Privacy protects the liberty of citizens to be decisive, without government interference or intimidation in crucial decisions like political affiliation, religious faith, or

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