Importance Of Public Monuments

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"Public monuments, by contrast, offer an anachronistic experience: a face-to-face encounter in a specially valued place set aside for collective gathering"(Source A). Public monuments provide an escape, or a memory, to people who are willing to sink their teeth into the rich history they provide. More importantly, memorializing has been apart of humanity since the beginning of time, and we use it to praise people or events of importance, as well as events that hold great sorrow. Along with the importance and values that commemorate memorials, comes immense preparation and planning when building a monument. Therefore, it is important that three main factors from sources E, G, and C, are taken into consideration when attempting to build a memorial.

Initially, location is the most detrimental factor when planning a memorial. The location should not only please the people of the area, but also correspond to the location of what it is memorializing, as well as cause no harm to the artificial or organic structures in the area. However, some may reject memorials in certain locations because of harmful memories they may evoke. While some may feel this way, most can accept the fact that a memorial is a beneficial way to remember an event, whether it's joyful or glum. A clear example in source E states, "The controversy grew from Jewish and non-Jewish communities, primarily due to the fact that a museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust would be built in the United States,

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