Importance Of Reading Books

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I don’t read often, never have, it's mostly been something that I do in relation to school, whether that be an assigned reading or something I’ve chosen from the school's library. I tend to read only during school hours, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because there are usually more interesting things to do at home, that’s not to say I haven’t read at home just only when the book I am reading really catches my eye. I’m embarrassed to say that for the first half of my life I did not read anything beyond the children's books that we had laying about the house. I’m not saying that I read at the level of the children’s books I just did not read anything after them, or at least anything I can remember. Those children’s books were mainly the Disney Winnie the pooh books and assorted religious children’s books, the one I can most fondly remember was a book including the Veggie-tales characters in the most well known biblical stories like David and Goliath. I did read the children’s books on my own the only thing I can remember my parents reading with me was a picture bible. It wasn’t until middle school that I started reading books on my own again. The middle school I went to did try to get us to read book outside of the language arts classes through quotas and other incentives. The book series that characterizes the books I would end up reading is the Guardians of Ga’hoole series mainly because it was the one I started to read in sixth grade. The fantasy genre

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