The Importance Of Books In High Schools

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In a modern world, we face many problems with the literature we choose to teach kids in schools, especially in high schools. Many books have profane language, and are often offensive to many kids and parents who read them. Deciding which pieces of literature to allow in high schools is a big task, and it is worth listening to many different opinions. Lorrie Moore is a writer, and she also clearly states that she is a mother. She brings up the book Huckleberry Finn, a classic that has been taught in high schools for many years, saying that it “is not an appropriate introduction to serious literature,” and that it should be taught in college instead. She also brings Sherman Alexie’s “Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” and uses it as literature exemplary for teaching to high school students, and says that it “is a welcoming book for boys.” I think that Lorrie Moore’s definitions for which books should be allowed to be taught in high school are incorrect, and that Huckleberry Finn is actually a very fitting book for high school students.
Lorrie Moore’s idea of good books to expose to teenagers are books “which vibrantly speaks to every teenager’s predicament when achievement in life is at odds with the demoralized condition of his peer group,” meaning that they should be inviting and comforting. Ryan Boudinot’s “The Littlest Hitler” is an example of a piece of literature that I think should be taught in high schools, even though it doesn’t fully fit Lorrie Moore’s
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