Importance Of Reading Literacy

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Since early development, we have been taught that learning reading and writing strategies are essential for our own language and literacy development. We’ve used language to express our feelings and communicate with each other and literacy to become better-educated individuals and familiarize ourselves with problem-solving and decision-making skills. Specifically, in modern society, we apply these skills in texting, emailing, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with one another. Similarly, we use news articles, blogs, and e-Books as a source of reading material for academic or personal purposes. Some people may argue that they don’t read and write because they don’t have time and it’s “too hard”. Nevertheless, these factors equally contribute to the importance of literacy skills in academic success as it will be examined in my personal experience as a reader and writer.

Throughout my high school career, I never was eminently passionate about writing for the fun of it. In my English classes, I was always assigned to do what my teacher called “Timed Writings” where they would give a prompt to write about in a short amount of time. Like many, I was taught to write in the traditional format of the five-paragraph essays. I always found writing as a way of punishment from my teachers and disliked having to think ideas on what to write. When it was time to start writing, I would cry internally, sit in sorrow and think blankly. I would think to myself,

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