Importance Of Reading In Literature

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This semester in English Literature 101 has helped me to improve my reading skills and habits from the beginning to the present. For instance, I realized through reading I manage to learn new vocabulary that improves my English in speaking and writing. Furthermore, now I can read two to three hundred pages per day, whereas before I would read fifty pages only in one day. Having assignment, of reading fifty pages or eight poems per day in Literature has supported all my circumstances of learning English and other courses. In addition, not only did reading help in developing skills, but also create a determination of critical thinking in writing, judging, analyzing, and arguing. Particularly, by reading different works of literature I realize that they create different discussions, conversations, and interpretations among the readers and what exactly we did in the class. Everyone has his or her own way of understanding and exploring what is in a poem, story, drama, or fiction. Certainly, it is in reading literature I noticed that the authors wanted to present a certain message to the readers concerning what is happening in the society in different forms. For instance, they used dialogue and monologue in some of their writings like in play. From the readings, I understand literature correct, teach, warn, and inform people about the past, present, and the future. For it presents the events and situations from different cultures that the society may learn from each other
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