Importance Of Shape Analysis

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I SHAPE ANALYSIS Shape is a characteristic of an object (like colour or texture, for example) which allows many numerical characterizations. Such numerical characteristics enable a transformation of a difficult object comparison problem onto a, much easier, vector comparison problem. Precisely, feature vectors, whose coordinates are numerically evaluated shape characteristics, corresponded to considered objects. Then, the similarity among the objects is evaluated based on the difference between their corresponding feature vectors. Obviously, such comparison is very suitable in computer supported data manipulation tasks. Shape properties like convexity, rectangularity, compactness, etc., can be evaluated numerically in several ways [65]. …show more content…

This method also used for abdomen panorama reconstruction based on a stereo vision system. Recovering the abdomen completely and accurately under the condition of actual photographing with illumination variance and blur noise, some innovative combined feature descriptors. This stereo vision system has wide practicability in the field of clothing [80]. Besides that, Hu invariant moment method also is used to recover the human belly surface shape accurately and efficiently in spite of the influences derived from illumination variation, blur affection and image transformation on the 2D images concerning the frontal and rear sides of belly acquired by only four cameras [81]. In row spot spraying technology has been in the constant development as a means to reduce the application of herbicide. A vision system was develop for a spot spraying mechanism on an autonomous ground vehicle using Hu invariant moment which aims to enable autonomous spot spraying of selective herbicide crop rows [82]. Hu invariant moment plays an important role in weed management which objective is to discriminate between

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