Importance Of Small Community Culture

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Culture is the beliefs, customs, arts, of a particular society, group, place, or time. Culture is an important part of smaller communities. I come from Hot Springs, Montana and its population is roughly 500 people, to put that into perspective, you pretty much couldn’t go to the grocery store to local coffee shop without seeing everyone and their brother. The small community culture is something that has had a major positive influence on my life.
One of the impacts it has had on my life is the importance of friendships. Going through high school you pretty much had to stay friends with the people you have been around since kindergarten or else you wouldn’t really have any friends. It teaches you to choose and make real friendships. After …show more content…

Another part of a small community is the support. In a small town everybody knows everybody, more than likely if you just say your last name to anyone like the cashier at the grocery store or your teacher, they know your family, this can be overbearing at times. However, if there is someone in the community in need the people you live next to, work with, or went to school with are there to lend a hand. For instance, my mom doesn’t have a snow plow, so during the winter sometimes her car gets stuck in the driveway, all she does is have to walk up the street or make a couple phone calls and there is always someone to come help plow her driveway and pull her car out. Another example is when our very well known high school art teacher, who has taught pretty much anyone who has gone to Hot Springs High School, was in need. Our teacher went through a rough year and even though she didn’t mention that she needed help, we all knew. The school, without her knowing, put on a fundraiser where all proceeds went to her. Since everyone knew Ms. J, the whole town came together to donate and support the fundraiser. Support is a major part of a small community culture, everyone is always there to make the best of any situation.
After growing up in a small community, I used to think it had a number of downsides, but looking back at it now realized it has positively influenced and taught me so much,

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