Importance Of Social Play

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Importance of Research:
Social play allows for repeated practice of skills such as cooperation, adaptation and sharing, which leads to increased social competence (Newton & Jenvey 2011)
Social play shows that a child (Findlay, Girardi & Coplan 2006):
Is motivated to engage with other children in play
Is able to regulate emotional arousal
Possesses the skills needed to initiate interactions with others
More frequent active play is associated with (Brockman, Jago & Fox 2010):
Higher mean activity levels
Greater intensity of physical activity
In 2009-2010, 16.9% of United States children and adolescents were obese (Ogden, Carroll, Kit & Flegal 2012)
Estimates of childhood obesity in the United States are higher than in other countries (Ogden, Carroll, Kit & Flegal 2012)
Research question:
Does gender have an affect on whether a child participates in more social or more physically active play?
Hypothesis 1: Females will participate in more social play than males will.
Hypothesis 2: Males will participate in more physically active play than the females will

Male 1: Five years old, mixed race
Male 2: Two years old, Hispanic
Female 1: Three years old, Caucasian
Female 2: Four years old, African American

The Effects of Gender on Social and Physically Active Play in Preschoolers
Megan Campbell
San Diego State University

The method of research for the study was observation. While watching the children play at

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