Importance Of Volunteering At Pine Meadow Elementary School

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I am volunteering at Pine Meadow Elementary School. I volunteer from 8:30 – 9:50 in the morning every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am in Ms. Wurzbergers room and she teaches kindergarten class that consists of children ages 5-6. There are 20 children in the classroom with one teacher. One of the kids has a special teacher he walks around with all the time but they are not usually in the classroom. The classroom is set up with 4 tables spread around the room with 5 chairs at each table. There is a separate table away from the student’s tables where you can do one on one work with the kids. The room has one window, a sink near the door and posters hung up around the room. The posters have thing like the alphabet and numbers on …show more content…

B.F. Skinner is not a stage theorist. Skinner’s system is based on operant conditioning. He believes that “ the behavior is followed by a consequence, and the nature of the consequence modifies the organisms tendency to repeat the behavior in the future”. My first example supporting Skinner’s system in based off of Skinner 1. This example starts when the teacher told the kids they can go grab their scissors whenever they were ready for the cutting part of their activity. Ms. Wurzberger noticed one of the kids walking with the sharp part of the scissors in his hand so he cant hurt anyone or himself. The teacher announced to the class saying “ I like how Roger is walking nicely with his scissors and holding them the correct way”. Ms. Wurzberger then continued to give him a point on his point board. When the other surrounding kids saw that he got recognized and got a point on his point board they wanted that so they instantly change the way the were carrying the scissors or slowed down the walking pace. Another example I have for Skinner’s 1st theory is when the kids get called to line up at the door to go to specialists they are expected to stand straight with their hands to themselves keeping their voices down into a hallway voice. When the teachers says she loves how a certain student is standing in line you will see the others react to that by making sure their posture is good while

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