Importance of Adrenaline Glands

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As I stepped up to the plate in the final inning of the baseball game, my primary focus was finding a way to score the runner on second base for the game-winning run. Second base is only 120 short feet away from home plate, so I thought this would be easy. To do it, I would have to hit the ball into the outfield and have it land on the ground without it being caught by a defender. I had already gotten two hits in three at bats earlier in the game, and I knew that nothing would be sweeter than to finish it off with a game-winning hit. The biggest, baddest, and fastest-throwing pitcher around was on the mound for the rival team; I knew he would give me everything he had to get me back from the last at bat. The intensity of the moment had my heart beating like a drum. The first pitch missed outside; the second pitch missed inside. As I went up 2—0 in the count, I could see the frustration on the pitcher’s face. They called him “Big Red”, and that overgrown eighth grader gave me a look as if he wanted to kill me. I found this hilarious, which fueled his fire. My baseball knowledge helped me to determine that I would be watching the next pitch go by, ball or strike. Then, it happened. “Crack!” The third pitch, delivered at 75 mph, came inside on me and shattered the backside of my right hand. The alarming noise took the air out of the crowd (especially my mom) as I fell to the ground. As I laid on the ground, the crowd was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
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