The Bible Is The Core Of True Wisdom Essay

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As a rule of thumb, is worth to establish that the Bible is the core of true wisdom. Another source is worldly wisdom found in our selfish ambition to succeed in life at all costs in order to achieve our final goals; in this case to conquer happiness. To illustrate worldly wisdom, history speaks of a man who was born on July 356 BC of a royal family. Who looked at closely his life and thought of himself; if only he was the leader of his army he would be happy in life, and he fulfilled his dream; but that was not enough. Then he thought of himself; my wisdom, knowledge and experiences are attributes of a prince, and he became a prince; but that was not enough. Later, he thought of himself; with only the opportunity to be king this will definitely determine the meaning in life and happiness, and he became the king; but that was not enough. Finally, he thought of himself; with my wisdom, power, intelligence, skills, cleverness, and money he could conquer the ends of the world, and he became a world ruler; but that was not enough, therefore after having conquered the whole world there was no more and his heart was saddened. This is how Alexander the Great became the most powerful king in the history. Surprisingly, at the age of 33 years old, Alexander requested three important wishes; weeks before dying despite all the money, wealth, power, intelligence, human knowledge, self-righteousness, and authority. Although, for the world the focus of his story is the center of wisdom

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