Importance of Hunting

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Importance of hunting.

Like baseball and apple pie, hunting is an American tradition shared by young and old, rich and poor, regardless of social or economic status. Three out of every ten people are against hunting but for what reasons? What makes them stand out from the seven out of ten that are for hunting? My preference supports hunting for many reasons. Hunting is important because without it there would be animals struggling to survive because of the shortage of the nutrient food they need on a daily basis to stay healthy. It would also cut down the number of damage done to vehicles by animals. It also gets more kids outdoors and involved in agriculture activities which is needed now days. Believe it or not hunting is also a big …show more content…

It also states that the number of car wrecks dealing with deer has decreased 15 percent since 2006. Nearly 80 percent of adult hunters started hunting as youths. They predict that only 15 percent of youth in the year 2020 will hunt. Hunting leads into other agriculture activities. More kids are also becoming irresponsible do to one thing the lack of chores. Every eight in ten kids will tell you they do not have

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