Importance of Information Technology in Banking

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Today’s business environment is very dynamic and undergoes rapid changes as a result of technological innovation, increased awareness and demands from customers. Business organisations, especially the banking industry of the 21st century operates in a complex and competitive environment characterized by these changing conditions and highly unpredictable economic climate. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is at the centre of this global change curve. Laudon and Laudon, (1991) contend that managers cannot ignore Information Systems because they play a critical role in contemporary organisation. They point out that the entire cash flow of most fortune 500 companies is linked to Information System.

The application of information
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It is capable of encoding, reading and sorting cheques.

(ii) Automated Payment Systems: Devices used here include Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Plastic Cards and Electronic Funds Transfer.

(iii) Automated Delivery Channels: These include interactive television and the Internet.

Let me briefly review the current status of IT in the financial sector. More than most other industries, banks and financial institutions rely on gathering, processing, analyzing and providing information in order to meet the needs of customers. Given the importance of information in banking, it is not surprising that banks were among the earliest adopters of automated information processing technology. The visible benefits of IT in day-to-day banking in India are quite well known. There’s ‘Anywhere Banking’ through Core Banking Systems, ‘Anytime Banking’ through new, 24/7/365 delivery channels such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and Net and Mobile Banking. In addition, IT has enabled the efficient, accurate and timely management of the increased transaction volume that comes with a larger customer base. It has also facilitated the movement from class banking to mass banking.

One of the important and significant parts of Information Technology as far as banking is concerned is the concept of Mobile Banking. This feature is used by most of us in our daily lives but still some of us are still unaware about how much importance does this
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