Importance of Teamwork in Events Industry

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Discuss the Importance of Teams, Their Characteristics and Their Development to the Successful Delivery of Events The purpose of this essay is to explain the importance of teams within the event industry. It will go into depth explaining the different theories behind the importance of teams within events. Team work is a collaboration between individuals with different skills. It is key element in decentralized organization. Teams exist for efficiency and also because humans need continual motivation and emotional support which sustains work-flow and adds creativity to work. There are two types of team work groups: Formal groups, which are structured to pursue a specific task, and Informal groups, which occur naturally in response to…show more content…
Stage 1, or forming, Is where there is a high dependence on a leader for guidance and direction. There is little agreement on team aims other than those received from the leader. Individual roles and responsibilities are unclear. During Intensive week this stage occurred when the group was first formed. Stage 2, or storming, Is where decisions don't come easily within group. The team members fight for position as they attempt to establish themselves in relation to other team members and the leader. Cliques and factions form and there may be power struggles. The team needs to be focused on its goals to avoid becoming distracted by relationships and emotional issues. Compromises may be required to enable progress. The storming stage occurred during intensive week when an initial idea for an event was initially discussed. Stage 3, norming, Is where an agreement and consensus largely forms among the team who respond well to directions given by a leader. The roles and responsibilities are now clear and accepted. Big decisions are made by group agreement. Smaller decisions may be delegated to individuals or small teams within group. The team may engage in fun and social activities. There is general respect for the leader and some of leadership is more shared by the team. This stage occurred during intensive week after the idea for an agreement was made for an
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