Importance of a Child Centred Approach in the Early Years Setting

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The meaning of a child-centred approach is to guarantee that the child is put first before anyone else. Every single person who works with children, whether that be a nurse, teacher, youth worker etc, has a huge responsibility to look after and make sure that each child they come into contact with is safe. A child centred approach is basically where every child can communicate and connect with people and also have a choice without someone interfering. A child centred approach is also beneficial for them to learn the correct skills they need to have/know. The main great thing about this is that it doesn’t just benefit one child, it benefits any child anywhere because they are all different and will all respond differently to certain …show more content…

Due to the damage of the war, the parents believed that a new approach to teaching their children would help. So all together they created a new approach for their children. All of them believed that the children develop more skills in the early years setting and this setting form who they will be as individuals in the future. This led to creation of a program based on the principles of

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