Essay about Values and Principles of the Early Years Sector

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Values and principles of early years sector.

1)The five basic tenets of good practice are;
Equality and Diversity
Rights and responsibilities
Promote anti discrimination
Effective communication
The three principles are;
The welfare of the child is paramount
Practitioners contribute to children’s care learning and development and safeguarding is reflected in every aspect if practice
Practitioners work in partnership with parent’s families, as they are the child’s first and most enduring carers and educators
The eight values are;
The needs, rights and views of the child are at the centre of all practice
Individuality, difference and diversity are valued and celebrated
Equality of opportunity and
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Pauline reached over to James and took the shoe off his foot and threw it to the side of the group. When reaching James’ name card he put his hand up and said that it was his name, Pauline then replied to him with “James it says on this card, I thought your name was Cinderella because I had to take your shoe off you” then handing him his card and continuing on with the focus time whilst James sat with no shoe on his foot. Through out the focus session she was impatient with the children and when they did not answer her question on what day it was today she referred to the group of children “Take it we are all brain dead today.” Through this focus time there was more than one value and principle which was displayed in Pauline’s poor practice as well as no signs of implementation of our settings behaviour policy and procedure. The children’s welfare was certainly not paramount to Pauline during the focus time and that the children listened and followed her instructions was more paramount to her. Pauline’s communication skills with the children were poor and did not meet the needs of a majority of the children in the group. James was embarrassed and humiliated in front of the other children in the group and his self-esteem was effected. Through targeting James Pauline did not actively promote the children’s health and well being by not respecting his needs and displaying it in front of the other children, who she was meant to be setting an example
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