Important Dates About History of Pakistan

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4. History of Pakistan |

| | 30th September 1947 | Pakistan become member of UN | 26th October 1947 | Kashmiri Maharaja acceded to India which Lord Mountbatten accepted on behalf of India | 27th October 1947 | India air-lift its troops to Srinagar and lauched a full scale attack on Kashmir | 1948 AD | First Pakistan India War | 1st January 1948 | India took Kashmir dispute to Security council | 1st April 1948 | India cut off water supply to Pakistan from two of its headworks, causing a dispute over water | 13th August 1948 | Security council called for cease fire in Kashmir, and withdrawl of all Pakistani and Indian forces from Kashmir, and called UN for resolution which both Pakistan and India accepted at that time | 11
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| 14th August 1973 | 1973 constitution was passed under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who became Prime Minister of Pakistan, Fazal Ilahi Chaudary became President of Pakistan | 20th December 1973 | Bhutto laid the foundations of Pakistan Steel Mill at Pipri near Kharachi | 22nd February 1974 | Pakisatan recognized Bangladesh in Islamic Conference at Lahore | 1st July 1974 | Several new carporations were created out of Pakistan Industrial Development Carporation (PIDC), including PMDC, State Cement Carporation | 31st July 1976 | Kahuta Engineering Research Laboratories (KRL) was founded by Dr. A.Q Khan | 7th March 1977 | Elections were held, PPP was accused of riging the elections | 5th July 1977 | Third Martial Law imposed by Zia-ul-Haq, he postponded the announced elections of 15th October 1977, 1973 constitution was suspended | 7th August 1977 | First Pakistani (Ashraf Aman) on K2 | 16th September 1978 | General Zia-ul-Haq became the President of Pakistan after Fazal Elahi's period was over | January 1979 | Pakistan National Shiping Carporation founded. | 4th April 1979 | Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged |
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