Important Development For Attendance Recovery

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driver license. One important development for attendance recovery is to introduce through PASS program. Counselors expressed their view of support by conducting performance assessment of sophomores by conducting PSAT. Other department such as Media center, Counselors, Coaches expressed their way of support to student achievement. • Interpretation of the document After analyzing document, I can interpret the findings as student achievement has been in focus with all Departments either by their actions directly or indirectly. Some of the developments like incorporating technology to provide feedback on formative assessment and Google classroom which provide accessibility to assignments to all students on their email which keeps students to stay focus in a timely manner. Mastery connect another integration technology to increase rigor in order to improve student achievement on formative assessment and standardized tests. One of elements of CCRPI is measuring attendance and every school has to make an attempt to recover through different programs and one such program is PASS in this school. • Interview Ms. Carrolota (N) was interviewed in my residence for 30 minutes on 10/16/2015 between 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM. I have gathered information as we were going through process, Ms.Carrolota, a native of South Dakota has got married to Greg Fowler in 2014 and currently having child who goes to middle school. Ms.Carrolota parents have travelled a lot and mom used to take care of family.

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