Important Sports in the Society of The United States Essay

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Sports are important in the society of the United States. Sports promote and motivate the development of physical fitness and sports participation for all Americans of all ages. The four major sports are most popular in the United States ; American football, Basketball, Baseball, and Ice Hockey. They are all enjoyed by not only americans, but also people in all around the world. Especially sports are associated with education in the United States. Most high schools and universities organized sports. College sports competitions play an important role in the American sporting culture. Moreover, in many cases college athletics are more popular than professional sport. American football American football, which is known as football in…show more content…
The NFL is great business for players, team owners, advertisers, and even other industries. It is not only promote pride of city for people and national exposure, but also generate huge incomes for host cities. Cities attract more prospective teams by providing better conditions, such as more larger stadium, economic incentives, and more fans. Baseball The baseball is one of the most important sports among americans, because it arouses their nostalgia. Many americans have played baseball since they are children, so it has become known as "the national pastime." In almost everywhere in USA, you can find a baseball game going on during the spring and summer. The baseball, as it is known today, is developed from a variety of similar ball games that have been played for centuries. Although it is clear that it is developed in northeast america over 150 years ago, it has longer history and the exact origin of the baseball is hard to determine. In the United States, the highest profession baseball league is Major League Baseball(MLB). Major League Baseball is also highest level of professional baseball league all around the world, so it attracts many talented players from Asia and the Caribbean. Minor League Baseball is the general name for developing leagues operated by major league teams for players who are not qualified to play in the major leagues. Almost all
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