Impossible Job Of Child Protective Services

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Impossible Job of Child Protective Services The article immediately starts out with a gruesome horror story that no child should have to endure. Then talks about the history of the cycle we have fallen into. “child protective services has been driven by horror stories that have become a meta-narrative: social workers screw up by missing the telltale signs of abuse, kids get hurt, laws are reformed, and thus more at-risk children are taken out of their homes and given to loving adoptive families.” then goes to say that they do not live happily ever after. That only 20% of kid come out of the system well-adjusted. The article talks about how the media is quick to job on Social Service for being the cause of childrens ' deaths and that is why the system takes kids. The media expects you to remove kids at the warning signs, but not too early because you will be portrayed as a monster if you violate parents right. Warning signs do not predict the future, just because a police officer interviews a man who is black and poor, and has committed a crime before and they think he will commit a crime again, they can not arrest them. The police officer who had an interview with the man is not going to get blamed for not taking the man off the streets if that man leaves the interview and commits a crime. So why would a social worker get the blame? The article basically paints Child Protective Services workers as racists legalized kidnappers. The removal of children into the system

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