Improving A Competitive Advantage Within The Organization

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In order to achieve a competitive advantage, an organization must have resources, competencies, and capabilities. Resources are what an organization utilizes to create value in the organization. Resources are imperative to the organizations value and are tangible and intangible. Tangible resources are financial, physical, and labor. “Robert Kaplan and David Norton point out that unlike financial and physical resources, intangible resources are hard for competitors to imitate, making them a powerful source of sustainable competitive advantage.” (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne 138) Competitive advantage comes from the organizations resources. The competitive advantage the organization has is its ability to provide quality services than services …show more content…

“A health care organizations ability to deploy resources and competencies, usually in combination, to produce desired services is known as its capability. (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne 139). By bringing resources and competency together it can create great competitive advantages for the organization. Using knowledge and skills in distinctive ways can create a unique culture for an organization, which can make individuals come to your organization over others. It is important to be different then others because having a lack of resources, capability, or competencies can create a competitive disadvantage. Having capabilities in an organization create value. “ The ability to effectively and efficiently coordinate resources and competences to achieve integrative synergies through leadership and management represents strategic capability.” (Ginter, Duncan and Swayn, p 139) Value is never created by itself; it needs to be combined with other resources in the organization.
Resources and competencies are only affective if the organization has the capabilities of allocating such assets. For example,

Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking
“Strategic planning and strategic thinking are the important indicators of organizational leadership and are the components of strategic management” (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne 28). Strategic

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