Improving Active Listening Skills

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with each child, because they will all have different personalities and each will have their own issues they may be dealing with.
Nonetheless, after volunteering at Bremen Head start, I believe this experience has helped me improve my skills in many ways. Such as, I am now familiar with working with younger children and how they tend to interact and express their selves. Second, I used some open and closed questions with Abby to get her to open up more and sometimes just get right to the point. Third, I improved being empathetic, it’s not always easy trying to help someone else and acknowledge their feelings. However, I was able to let Abby know I was understanding and sorry about hearing that her mother had passed away. Lastly, I was able to improve my engagement as a social worker, by allowing Abby to have a good relationship and be able to trust me before we began to interact more.
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While interviewing a client, I need to make sure the interview environment is comfortable and there are no disruptions. My client should feel safe and aware that only the client and I will hear whatever he/she has to say. Next, I should focus on my questioning skills. I should know what the right questions to ask are and what are not. I do not want to ask my client irrelevant questions, when it’s not important. However, good questioning can allow me as a social worker to better understand the issue that is going on with my client. Lastly, I need to focus on active listening during an interview. More so, this is a combination of talking and listening. Active listening helps clients feel heard and understood. Mostly, it’s used for the social worker to reflect back to the client what he/she just said, in order for the client to know the social worker is listening and is understanding the
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