Improving Students ' Descriptive Writing Through Cue Cards

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Improving Students’ Descriptive Writing through Cue Cards
1.1 Background
English is a universal language. Therefore, everyone in this world uses English in order to communicate with other people from different country with different mother tongue. Besides to communicate with other people easily, another reason why people use English is because English is used in all aspects, such as business, education, politic, etc.
In Indonesia, English is regarded as a foreign language which is mostly used in business field. English is considered as an important language since by mastering English, people can get higher salary and have better opportunities. Meanwhile, in education sector, it is taught as a compulsory subject. It is taught …show more content…

Written communication refers to an action of delivering information through written words. Furthermore, in education sector, writing has an important role to fulfill one of the learners’ English skills. Students are expected to be able to write good writing. Hosseini (2013) put forward after graduation, someone’s ability to show himself well on paper will help him secure a job or higher education chances. This research finding is also supported by Hansen 's (2002) which states, “Academicians and business people view writing skill as crucial, yet increasing numbers of these professionals note a steady attrition in the writing abilities of graduates.” Based on those statements, students are expected to be a good writer because writing is not only used in school, but also it has an important role to determine their future. In discussing the importance of writing to learning, Suleiman (2000) asserts that “writing is a central element of language, any reading and language arts program must consider the multidimensional nature of writing in instructional practices, assessment procedures, and language development.” Moreover, Myles (2002) states that through experience, writing skill must be practiced and learned because it is not a naturally acquired skill – learned in formal instructional settings. Accordingly, writing is taught in schools.
However, as one of the language skills, writing is often ignored. Some students

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