Improving The American School System

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Improving American School System
I pursue my education in the United States with expectation to be awe-struck by American advanced education system where students are equipped with critical thinking, abilities to realize their full potential as well as freedom to express themselves. However, the situation I have experienced tells me otherwise. It is just like that of China. I have gone through all these troubles only to find it is not worth the trip. This set me pondering the flawed American education system that kills students’ creativity and aspiration to advance. The oppressive ambience of American schools stifles, intimidates and destroys students and turns them into the mouthpiece of one voice, that of schools, the pervasive corporations and the government. Funding is limited, curriculum creativity-smothering, and teachers oppressive. These problems, if left unattended, are hindering America from greater progress and a greater height that she used to enjoy academically, scientifically or culturally. Thus, in order to change the American public school system for the better, the government must grant more funds to improve teacher-student ratio and to enlarge access to more and higher quality resources; the schools must adopt alternative evaluation measures that incorporate portfolio assessment and peer reviews; and the schools must create more focused, logical and students-friendly curriculums to meet students’ growing demand for academic excellence.
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