In America, There Is A Huge Educational Gap Between Actualizers

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In America, there is a huge educational gap between actualizers and strugglers. While the mass population is told that America is “free,” strugglers feel the thorns of the lash of bondage through education. In most schools in America, the foundation for the type of education entrenched in students is based on two things: socioeconomic status and geographical location. Consequently, strugglers are forced into a system of repeated oppression merely because they do not possess the means of capital. They can be classifies as strugglers because they lack means to consume. According to, the denotative definition of a struggler is a person who struggles with difficulties or with great effort. On the other hand, the connotative …show more content…

Degrees and their significance is solely based on the education that the given student received because they will know how to use their degree or lack thereof based on their primary and secondary education, and strugglers who received a poor education will be in an unfortunate place.
Poor education in school and no access to money is no excuse to give up because if one does not have an adequate education, they cannot qualify for a degree that will potentially elevate their socioeconomic status. Born into a struggler family infested with homelessness, destitution, and poverty, I chose to educate myself outside of the classroom because my school failed to provide an adequate education to be successful in today’s world. I chose to study abroad in France, which was a complete learning experience in itself. Despite being in a struggler school, an exchange student foundation, American Field Service (AFS), presented the idea of studying abroad. They offered anyone who wanted to embark on this once in a lifetime journey a full scholarship of $15,000. Initially, I thought that it was too good to be true, but I ended up being the only student in my school that went abroad for a year. After experiencing an entirely different way of life, I recognized the historical differences of

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