In Baccalaureate Pre-Licensure Nursing Students In Nursing Literature Review

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In baccalaureate pre-licensure nursing students, does participation in traditional clinical experiences with added laboratory clinical skills practice sessions compared with participation in only traditional clinical experiences impact clinical competence as measured by post-experience testing and self-reported clinical competence?
Review of the Literature
In the 21st century, recommendations for the nursing profession are inclusive of requirements for enhancement of the skills and proficiencies of future registered nurses, with increased emphasis placed on assuring that undergraduate nursing students are prepared to perform these same skills and proficiencies in real world scenarios. These recommendations are directly attributed to the
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As these prominent nursing organizations also serve as bodies that legitimize quality education (NLN, ACEN, CCNE) and professionalism (ANA), undergraduate nursing programs have been under extensive pressure to balance increasing enrollment requirements and changing program curriculum to align with mandates which support development of nurses “educated and equipped with relevant and appropriate competencies” to fill the roles of the nursing workforce (National Advisory Council on Nursing Education and Practice, 2010, p. 13). To meet these aims, undergraduate nursing programs have, over the past seven years, significantly increased the amount of educational content to which their students are exposed.
Curriculum Shifting: Moving from Clinical to Theoretical Focus
The shifting of curricula of undergraduate nursing programs to better align with IOM report recommendations has caused the focus of the student to move from that of the clinical, or caring, perspective to more of an academic, or theoretically driven, approach
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