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The purpose of this interview was to gain more information about professional development, possible areas of opportunities, knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field of management. I interviewed Mr. Anand Palanisamy, Head of Business Operations for MyTaxFiler in Plano, Texas. The company operates in about seven locations in the United States. His educational qualifications include a Bachelor in Business Management and Masters in both Computer Application and Management Information System. He previously worked for Deloitte Consulting as Project Manager and traveled extensively.
I contacted Mr. Anand via a phone call and we set up a time for the following morning to conduct the interview. He resides in Texas and therefore, I was unable to conduct an in-person interview. However, he agreed to a face-to-face video call. Furthermore, I conducted about three interviews as a means of primary research for my ENG 201 – Writing in the Disciplines class. This provided me with the experience needed to be prepared to conduct an interview. Therefore, I constructed a set of ten questions to ask Mr. Anand …show more content…

Anand’s job description and previous work experience. Further, I asked him to suggest some ways a student can gain the necessary experience in my field. He recommended that after my graduation, I should try working for a multinational company to gain knowledge and put to use the skills acquired while studying, polish them, while also gaining all-around personal and professional development. In his opinion, this experience would be invaluable before venturing into my dreams of starting my own firm. Additionally, he suggested that internships during my undergraduate years are imperative to be successful in the field of management, especially because theoretical knowledge and practical experience can be a world apart. Also, he was of the belief that the field of management is broad and jobs are available in any

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