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CW is a 49-year-old female who lives in Kingston, PA. She currently lives with her husband and two children. She is employed as nurse at First Hospital, in Kingston, PA. CW recently began a new job in a different department of the hospital. CW expressed that throughout her adult life, raising her family is most important to her. She is focused on accomplishing her roles of being a wife, mother, nurse, and daughter. She likes to be social and meet new people. CW values her independence and finds every job that she is involved in to be important. She dislikes people who put other people down. Overall CW values her family and hard work ethic.

Assessments Performed:
On February 20th, 2017, the following tools were used to complete an initial …show more content…

When balancing her checkbook, CW was able to perform all aspects of the task in a timely manner and with no issues. CW expressed concern about the impact of her new jib on her daily activities.. CW continuously asked if she was wrong for taking her new job. CW expressed that she is concerned that the stress from her new job is causing her to become forgetful. CW began to talk about losing her father, and how it is affecting her emotionally. CW also expressed that her family does not believe her cognitive skills are decreasing, but she is upset that she will be unable to fulfill her duties as a wife and a mother, due to the stress of her new job. When completing the TFLS, CW was discouraged at the fact that she had to complete the assessment, overall. CW displayed confidence when completing time, money and calculation, and communication skills. When the memory section began, CW became upset and continued to ask for reassurance to make sure she was completing this part of the assessment the correct way.

Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS) Results:

Time Total
Money and Calculation Total
Communication Total
Memory Total
TFLS Total
Raw Score
Subscale Cumulative Percentage

TFLS T-Score

High Average
Low Average

• Observations during Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS):
It was observed

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