In The Current World It Is Easy To Get Caught Up With Our

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In the current world it is easy to get caught up with our own lives rather than participating in the community that surrounds us. With the internet and social media, it is usually normal for people to just stay indoors and in their rooms, not caring for what goes on down the street or at the local barber. To achieve the highest quality of life one must care and be supportive of their community, and their family. In his paper, Scott argues that Americans should become less individualistic and instead become more concerned with the wellbeing of their community. “The Common Life of Scott Russel sanders” is an excellent example of how participating with family and community can not only increase the aspect of the community as a whole, but …show more content…

This anecdote helps show the excellence and quality of having close family ties and strengthens his argument that community is important. To establish this idea and to state the importance of having good interpersonal relationships, from family relationships to common relationships, Sanders draws on examples of clubs and organizations, such as the boys and girls clubs, in order to integrate the idea of the common life or community. Saunders believes that the cost of the American obsession comes from the belief that we shall “cultivate the self” rather than the community, and that we should look to the individual as a source of “hope and the center of value.” This is an extremely American beliefs because our government, economy, religion and present century all encourage this idea, as stated by Sanders when he states: “we have the bill of rights, which protects each of us each of us from the bullying society, but not build responsibilities which will obligate us to answer the needs of others”.
Sanders of course believes that all of these are good things that build and strengthen our nation as a whole. It is clear that Sanders thinks that America has gone a little too far in the direction of individualism. Saunders believes that as good things can from community and if weren’t American weren’t to be so individualistic we would have a better and more structured environment revolving us . To show this, Sanders uses an

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